Almost 1.5 lakh vehicles are stolen in India alone each year, and this number is expected to rise. It has been estimated that only a few thousand of these items can be traced back, but often in unroadworthy condition, with many of the parts missing.

Every 24 minutes for the entire year of 2014, a vehicle was stolen from an Indian street in the country. Your car/bike is more unsafe than ever before because thieves have never been as efficient as they are right now.

A soaring number of vehicle thefts has occurred in recent years, but the auto industry still lacks the anti-theft technologies and enforcement agencies to protect vehicles from thefts although the theft rate has been skyrocketing. It is imperative that you take the necessary measures to prevent car theft from happening to your precious vehicle if you want to prevent someone from taking a joy ride in it.

Park in a safe place:
I find that leaving a vehicle parked in a place which is well illuminated, guarded and monitored is a lot less likely to be stolen than parking it in an unlit, unguarded area. The location of your car, the vicinity, as well as the environmental conditions should be taken into account when parking it. Make sure that when you choose somewhere to park your car, you choose a place that has plenty of light.

There is no doubt that well-lit, closely guarded, and places under the local surveillance should always be preferred over shady and remote places that are poorly lit and unsupervised. If you are planning to park in a monitored parking lot with a security guard, don’t hesitate to spend a little more on that. If you are away from your vehicle, you can be assured that it will be guarded by eyes while you are away.

If you have to park your vehicle on the street, it is better to do so at a location that is near shops or amongst security cameras, since thieves are more likely to know where not to steal a vehicle if it is close to shops or cameras. It is recommended to park the car under a street lamp during the day, even during the daytime. This will ensure that if your car is left there longer than expected, it will still be lit after darkness falls. You should park your car in a well-crowded area of the parking lot in order to avoid parking tickets.

There is a good chance that thieves will have a quicker getaway if a vehicle is parked a little further away from the exits of parking lots, as opposed to a vehicle parked in a well surrounded area where thieves have a much harder time escaping.

Invest in the Security Systems:
You should consider certain safety and security features when buying a car, such as Engine Immobilisers, Security Alarms, Central Locking Systems, and GPS Tracking Systems, when you decide to purchase a new one. There is no doubt that these devices contribute a great deal to the prevention of car theft.

The Immobiliser is an electronic security device that is installed in vehicles as an added layer of protection. It prevents the engine from running until the correct key is inserted and installed. When the thief enters the vehicle, the car will not be hotwired, depending on whether he enters and exits safely. This will prevent the vehicle from being stolen. You can take advantage of having a professional install a security alarm system in your car if you feel it would be of benefit. When there is a loud alarm on your car, it will frighten car thieves, and some systems can be programmed to notify you as soon as your car has been tampered with, or to notify the police immediately.

It is also possible that, should the unfortunate happen, a GPS tracking system might help signal the vehicle’s location to the police and assist them in recovering the vehicle as soon as possible. This would reduce the amount of damage the car might experience. It is vital that an anti-theft device such as a steering wheel lock or gear lock is installed on your car if you want to prevent thieves from driving off with your vehicle, even if they are able to get inside and start it.

If you follow these measures you will be preventing a car thief from escaping with your vehicle as long as possible. In doing so, you will increase the probability that he will leave your pride and joy alone once he leaves your vehicle. A device like this is well worth the money that you spend on it.

Don’t leave valuables inside the car:
In order to ensure your valuables are protected in your car, never leave them out in plain sight, such as laptops, bags/briefcases, purses/wallets, phones, or any other high-value items. It is advisable to stow the valuables within the glovebox or boot of your car in order to prevent them from becoming eye candy for a thief.

There is a very good chance that when a thief smashes a window to gain access to your valuables, he may just decide to go all the way and steal your car as well. It is also advisable to avoid leaving important documents in the vehicle when the vehicle is in motion. There is no doubt that expensive satnavs, entertainment screens, and a wealth of accessories are among the highlights of this vehicle. You should then make sure that your car is not a thief magnet by preventing any valuables from being left inside it.

Drive your car often:
A car is primarily designed to be driven around by its owner. There are times when the pride and joy of a person will go to places, but is still left alone in the same place, rotting for days on end. Eventually, they will be caught in the cross-fire of prying eyes that will fall on them inevitably.

If a car has remained at the same place for a considerable time, it is more likely that the owner will take it for granted, and the thieves will assume that it is unwanted by the owner. It is imperative to take proper care of and maintain a rotting car in order to avoid being treated as a junkyard treasure by thieves in the future. It is easier for auto thieves to make a grab when a well-maintained and well-used vehicle is located for easier pickings.

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