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Pornhub Reveals 2019 Android Distribution Statistics That Google Is Keeping Secret

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Adult entertainment site Pornhub has released data on how people access its portal from various Android operating system versions – statistics that Google used to share on a monthly basis but has been withholding for a while now. In 2019, 48 percent of its Android traffic on its website came from Pie (last year’s major update from Google), 23 percent from Oreo (2017’s update), and 12 percent from Nougat (2016’s update).

The newly-released Android 10 (Q) represented 2 percent of the year’s traffic on Pornhub, reports The Verge, citing data from the adult entertainment site.

“The data is interesting because Google hasn’t updated its own dashboard of how many devices are on each version of Android since May. So for months, there haven’t been any public figures about the current state of Android OS adoption,” the report said on Wednesday.

Google’s Android distribution dashboard tracks how many devices are running each version of Android, however, it hasn’t revealed any new figures since May of this year. Pornhub’s data only measures how much traffic it got from each version of Android. But as it is one of the 50 largest sites in the world in terms of visitors, according to Alexa rankings, it could provide a pretty accurate representation of the general distribution statistics.

By comparison to Pornhub’s statistics for 2018, Android Pie has seen significantly higher adoption than Android Oreo did. Another noticeable statistic is that Android usage has decreased while iOS has increased, making iOS the most used mobile operating system for browsing Pornhub. The latest iOS 13 version is used 71 per cent times.

Overall, the adult streaming service revealed that iOS accounted for 52.8 per cent of all mobile traffic in 2019 while Android accounted for 46.6 per cent of traffic this year. The data was released as part of Pornhub’s annual ‘year in review’ listing.

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